Many music teachers reach a stage in their career where they start to consider the possibility of starting their own school. This is part the normal evolution for many musicians. Although the reasons are varied for everyone, there are some common themes. It may be the love for education and the desire for more students. Other people find it rewarding to lead their school and manage the business in their own way. Still others are motivated by the desire for a slower pace and the opportunity to pass on their knowledge and experience in the industry. Whatever the reason, starting a music school can be a lucrative and fulfilling venture. So why isn’t everyone doing this? It’s not an easy task to do on your own. It’s important to know how to set up and manage a business. Also, you need to be able to create a marketing campaign that is well-rounded and also have a great website. These two are constantly changing. Working with people is another important skill. The challenges of managing a team, dealing with students, parents, customers and instructors can sometimes be overwhelming. There are many more. It almost appears that we are making arguments against opening schools. We don’t mean to say that. We’re stating that it is easier to do all this when you have support systems and networks with other school owners. Music Lab was founded to address this gap in the music industry. We’d love to briefly describe what we do and how it can assist you in starting and running your school.


Music Lab Network members help each other in branding, education, marketing, and more. Our group communicates monthly. We also have access and communication with all active music school owner members. This helps us to help you on our business journey. Owners of each location communicate regularly and sometimes work together for events, programs, and other activities. Each location has its owners who work together to make music schools better at every level.


The owners are not the only ones working together. Our network of teachers is also expanding and supporting each school’s development to become the best music education facility in the region. As a member, you have access to our educators as well as a team of people working together to further develop musicians. We also help you with your educational plans and assist your teachers in developing their teaching plans. Many of our schools share teaching methods or instructors, as well as curriculums, to enhance what we offer at the core, music education.


Music Lab Family membership will give you over 15 years’ experience in marketing and music school business that will help grow your company. Because we’ve been around so long, we’ve seen many marketing evolutions and changes over that time. Our marketing system doesn’t only apply best-known marketing practices but also keeps up with current trends and changes. Music Lab’s strong strategy has allowed them to create an online presence that is effective and efficient.


While running multi-location music schools, we have had to overcome many obstacles over the years. We are here to support you every step of every way. Our network includes professionals in all areas of business to help with your business challenges. We will help you with every question, problem, and topic. If we happen to have some experience with a particular topic, we will help you locate a professional.


Music Lab locations receive an optimized website that is tailored to your specific music school. After that, you will receive ongoing support to make sure your website reaches its maximum potential. Music Lab websites are all built to the highest standards. They can be viewed on any device, and are fully customizable with your branding. We can also assist you with any additional features you would like to add to your website.