Second edition of The Architecture Biennale of Pisaconceived, curated and curated by LP Association. 10 days will feature exhibitions and events. These will bring together international scholars, students, critics, as well as experts in the area. This will address the issue regarding the relationship between water and cities in Europe and the Mediterranean.

The works and designs of prestigious international architect firms will be on display.

After the success of the inaugural edition, held in Pisa in Oct 2015, the Head of state Sergio Mattarella decided to give the Medal of the President of the Republic to him. The second biennial of Architecture, under the scientific direction of LP, and the collaboration of the Municipality of Pisa, will put socio-economic perspectives and new urban environments in their relationships with water at the heart of the debates. The scientific panel is made up of members from the LP Association : Massimo Pica Ciamarra (Honorary President), Alfonso Femia Luca Lanini Luca Molinari e Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi.

The exhibition-laboratory will be a focus on the ideas and solutions adopted by the protagonists of contemporary architecture and will be developed in 4 exhibition pavilions, arranged in a path in the heart of the city, along the two banks of the Arno, for a comparison between Italian and international experiences.

The International Pavilion, curated Luca Molinari, at the Republican Arsenals will present a selection work created in Europe over the last decade. It is divided into 4 sections: Water and Architecture as a source and metaphor for the Earthly Paradise. Water as landscape: water fronts and lakefronts. Water as magic, dream, hypnotic.

On the Bastione, Inside the ” Pisa Pavilion”, curated Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi – the ideas of a workshop that was created from the collaboration of LP and University of Pisa regarding the theme of rivers and coasts will be on display. It will also display the projects of the open-call “Refresh – Energies and New Landscapes”, which focus on water technology for sustainable exploitation in buildings and other systems. In the pavilion, there will be another section dedicated to technology related to water. There will also be a photo exhibition about Pisa.

The Biennale includes the participation and contribution of Students of University of Pisa. They have been working since October on the workshop on the relationship between the city and its river. The University Pavilion curated in the spaces at the Benedictine Monastery. The new Building Plan will be displayed, along with documentation of the best achievements. The section that will include projects resulting in teaching activities, as well as those that were developed within the framework of academic exams and thesis defenses, will have a further section.

One special area will be dedicated to the architecture review’s monographic exhibition about the work of Gabetti, Isola – Isolarchitetti studio. Directly curated and organized by the Torre Guelfa F ortilice LP Association, this exhibition will examine the activities of two important players in the architectural debate from the 1950s. The exhibition includes 60 years of projects, which show how a school has survived along an Italian path of architectural culture and customs. The City of Pisa Prize, for urban quality, will be given to AimaroIsola.

Among other special events, there’s also the exhibit on Russian Constructivism. curated and set up by Palazzo Lanfranchi.