Music Gallery used “streams” for organizing the various genres

The Music Gallery was founded in 1976 by members of CCMC’s improvisational experimental collective CCMC. The musicians also started Music Gallery Editions (and Musicworks).

The Music Gallery’s motto says “Toronto Centre for Creative Music.” John Oswald wrote an editorial describing the creation Musicworks. He called them “Toronto Centres for Creative Music”. 

The Music Gallery used “streams” for organizing the various genres. In 2014, The Gallery stopped programming with streams.

The X Avant Festival was established by the Music Gallery in 2006. The Gallery organises the X Avant Festival each year.

Previous collaborations have included an electronic music festival in collaboration and A Space, shows featuring Wavelength Concert Series or interdisciplinarian performances with the Images Festival.

Owen Pallett (a.k.a. Final Fantasy performs in The Music Gallery)

Devendra Bahart

The Music Gallery created a weekly radio show, Radio Music Gallery (CKLN FM), where the Music Gallery’s performances could be recorded and broadcast. They are also available on CBC Radio.

The Music Gallery organized a season end fundraiser called “Tonalism” in 2011. This event lasted twelve hour and featured projection visuals featuring Isla Ska, Teebs, Isla Clair and Julia Holter.

April Aliermo hosted a panel on racism in Toronto’s, and Canadian, music scenes in 2015. This took place following several controversial events including a boycott by a band with offensive names and cancellations which were protested to be colonial, patronizing, or illegal.